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Saturday, June 05, 2010

I knew there were sites like, but I didn't know there were also school ratings sites.

This one is new and still under construction. Pretty cool if you are thinking of moving to a new area and want to take a peek at the local schools and neighborhoods in the area.
Find Information on the best Brooklyn Schools


Ricochet said...

I give my students the opportunity to grade me every semester. What I did right, what I need to fix. I tell them there is nothing they can say that will adversely affect their grade.

Most teachers don't. So I tell my students to go to this site and rate their teachers, trying to make it as constructive as possible.

Anonymous said...

Kinda hard to notice, but if you poke around a bit, you there's a section like ratemyteachers, but focuses on teacher appreciation, and not something stupid like a rating.
Rating's are pointless from students, if I remember high school, I would have given all of them one star. Now 10 years later, I understand more where they were coming from.
Heres a link,
Picture is kinda weird, but I guess it works.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Around here you just know the area. Then you'll most likely know if a school has the top rating, "Exemplary."