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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I had always assumed that the teachers I work for have no interest, inclination or time to read blogs; especially those by substitute teachers.

I say “had” because I received an email request to sub addressed, not to the published email address I leave for teachers, but to the blogger email address.

I guess it had to happen sooner or later…or had it?

The email, I later discovered, came from another substitute teacher working in the same district. She needed to locate someone to cover the last hour of a class due to an overlapping commitment elsewhere. As it turned out, I was working only a half day at a different school was able to oblige. The little extra cash for extending my lunch hour before I went home was a good deal.

I asked how she ended up with the blogger email address and it was immediately obvious. She knew my name and that I was subbing frequently at the school. Google connected the two search phrases and it provided her with the blog site. After reading a few posts, she was sure she knew she had the right guy before contacting me.

Would teachers tell me if they found the blog? Would I suddenly see a drop off in assignments? Would I be blackballed if the district took notice? Am I worried enough to stop writing or change what I write about?

The answers: I don’t know; It could happen; Possibility; …and Not really.

There are several other districts in the area I can work for if that happened.


The MAN Fan Club said...

As long as you talk in generic terms you are okay. At the first of the year we were given a strict NO blogging, NO Facebook, No texting parents or students, etc. Then we got Twitter and Facebook on the district website and they backed off. Now we can access Facebook before and after school.

The Bus Driver said...

actually i love your blog.. so dont stop writing... I actually used your "ear wax and nose hair" to help a couple sisters who were fighting.. ... now whenever they fight.. they stop and think.. and turn to me and ask me to give them "silly names".. then dissolve into fits of laughter.

Sarah said...

I wonder if my blog is going to be detrimental to my employment as well. I have been subbing for years but I would like to get back into it full time one of these days. My web address is obscure, but I bet people could find it if they really looked. When I apply for jobs I'll make it so my blog can't be googled. I hope that's good enough because I don't think I'd get hired for say, a middle school job if anyone read my post about how I think wars should be fought with 8th graders.

Angela Watson said...

Wow that kinda sucks, but I hope you won't let it deter you from blogging. :-(