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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free Field Trip?

 Every now and again I get email wanting to publicize a product or school relate function on the blog. I rarely accommodate the request unless I think I think it's "cool enough".

I'll let you guys vote -- yes/no in the comments section. Is this a program any teacher would be interested enough to investigate further? 

(see the link to for further info)
I think you and your readers might be interested in a project I’m working on for Field Trips.
Did you know that the American Assoc. of school administrators predicts that the number of school districts eliminating field trips will increase by 56 percent, or more than 30,000 schools?
My client, Lunchables, recently announced a new campaign to help deserving kids go on education and inspiring field trip adventures, called “Field trips for All.” They’ll be sending 50 classrooms nationwide on unforgettable field trips. Anyone can nominate a classroom to win a field trip on through June 1!
To kick off the program, we took one lucky class of fifth graders on a field trip where they came face to face with some out-of-this-world creatures…check out this video to see what went down! I hope you’ll take a moment to nominate your classroom to win a field trip or let your readers know how they can get involved.


Chris Osborne said...

Anything that involves getting things back into schools that we considered a staple in our day is a good idea in my book.

GT Goddess said...

As long as they aren't taking field trips to a Lunchables factory, I'm down.

The Bus Driver said...

I actually support this idea... the alien thing was a bit far fetched, but hey, kids deserve to have some fun. I've taken some very educational field trips in my career, and some not so educational, but many of these kids who dont go on trips, never get to see or experience much at home in the first place.

We have kids who had never been to a movie theater, or had never taken a tour of a pizza place all because things like tours and movie theaters cost money that parents dont have.