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Monday, October 26, 2009

Old School in the Hi-Tech Classroom…

I’m in the same classroom, for the same teacher, in the same HI_TECH classroom where I had a brain-fart, screw-up with the SmartBoard.

Everything that went so smoothly last time, didn’t work so well this time.

He was in the classroom when I arrived doing last minute preparation to configure the applications and lesson plan on the computer. After he left to make his jury appointment, I discovered:
  1. The lesson plan on the hard drive was the old plan I used last week. Fortunately he printed a hard copy for today’s class.
  2. The application files on the hard disk were the ones for last week’s lesson also and useless for today.
  3. The flash drive with the backup lesson plan and application files disappeared. I think he had it in his pocket when he left.
  4. Yard duty and library time were not indicated on the lesson plan. I missed both until it was too late to do anything about.
  5. For some reason the audio on the Apple Notebook computer was not functional so that meant the planned instructional video was useless unless all the kids could read lips.
Fortunately all the teacher edition books were still there and we conducted class “old school” style with pen, pencil, paper and real books.

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Mr. M (Mandoske) said...

Our school district has just finished every classroom with active boards. While I have embraced technology it is amazing to see so many teachers that avoid the smart board like the plague. What is truly amazing is to see kindergartners helping the teacher use their active boards. BTW. Old school to me would date back to a chalkboard, and to many a white board.