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Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking For Nose Hair…

I was on recess yard duty today when a kid walks up: “Hi! Do you remember me?”

Honestly, the only kids’ names I remember are the ones that are memorable for all the wrong reasons. This kid didn’t jog any of the incidents I usually write about so I asked for a hint.

EW: I’m Ear Wax! Remember? You gave me and (another name/face I don’t remember) the nicknames Nose Hair and Ear Wax!! That was REALLY funny!

His new buddy standing next to him is nodding his concurrence about the funniness factor of that day.

Me: Ahhh! Yes, I DO remember that. How are you and Nose Hair doing this year? Are you still friends?

EW: Yea! We still are friends except he’s in a different class this year.

He then ran off, I assume looking for Nose Hair.

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Anonymous said...

I think I know Ear Wax and Nose Hair! Just Kidding but I love your blog. You might want to check mine out since I am a substitute teacher as well and blog about the same kind of stuff. Well good luck fellow substitute!