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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Thought I Was Done...

The last week of school is pretty much a “do nothing” week.

Field trips to the water park, Great America theme park and year end parties dominate the educational scene. There usually haven’t been many calls to substitute the last week in previous years. So I was surprised Monday afternoon by a call to sub for a 3rd grade class on Tuesday.

The teacher’s additional note announced: “Tuesday is field day”.

Of course I took it. It’s one last “pay day” before the financial summer drought.

Dressed appropriately in jeans and running shoes, I ran soccer relay races for half a day in the warm (ie: low 90F’s) California sun followed by an afternoon in the air conditioned classroom watching: “Garfield the Movie”.

Now, I'm done...


Anonymous said...

Cool, sounds like it was a fun day!

The one opportunity I had to sub the last week of classes, it turned out to be a "detention" class for kids who weren't allowed to go on their class trip because of various infractions during the year. Not the best experience, but everyone survived.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I've not been to Great America in 20 years. I used to live out there.

The MAN Fan Club said...

You can do my Field Day next year. I've been attacked by a parent 2 out of the last 3 Field Days. Visit North Texas next year late May and the day is yours. Wear plenty of sunblock.