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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Daily Double...

It’s Tuesday and the last day of this four day assignment in 5th grade. It’s probably the last day of any subbing assignment for me this school year. The last day of school before summer is next Friday. No more pay checks until school starts again in September.

Not a whole lot for the kids to do today. It’s mostly busy work and they know it. Yet, it’s my job to hand it out and attempt to get them to do it. My real job today is attempting to minimize the noise levels and chaos that naturally erupts from boredom.

The only bright spot today was when I got a call from the office asking that someone send the backpacks for Mr. Attitude and Gang-ster to the office as they wouldn’t be returning to the classroom today. It seems that they were throwing gum at a yard duty person at lunch recess. At least that’s the explanation I got.

There’s probably more to the story but I felt like I had won the daily double at the track. My afternoon just got considerably more pleasant without these two.

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The Vegas Art Guy said...

That always makes it much easier to be in the classroom when the meatballs leave...