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Friday, February 02, 2007

Yard Duty Karma…

I was talking to another "retired teacher and now working as a sub" person in the teachers lounge today.

I was telling her that subbing is hard enough without being assigned the before school, morning yard duty since that is when I need to go over the lesson plan and locate all the material needed for the day.

She revealed the following bit of "sub sneaky" tactics.

When she was a full fledged teacher and she knew she was going to get a sub, she'd ask her other buddies if anyone wanted to dump their assigned yard duty and she'd just add it to the lesson plan.

Now that SHE'S the sub, I hope Karma gets her!


(An interesting sample of follow-up comments from the ProTeacher Discussion Board)

“…We used to give the sub "study hall" duty that normally rotated amongst us middle school teachers when I taught middle school. One week, everyone on my team got out of study hall because we had a sub covering for the week. There is not much a sub can do and we had a great week off.......THAT'S LIFE”

“…Honestly, I believe it boils down to treating others the way you would want to be treated. I would never switch a duty so that a sub would have to do it. Just another reason I think every classroom teacher should have to sub from time to time. Subbing is going to make me a more considerate classroom teacher. It's not "just life" it's common and professional courtesy. Do unto others and all that.”


Zoemonster said...

YUCK.. that's an AWFUL thing to do to a sab... and i thought I uad heard all the mean tricks out there!

I am so vindictive, I might turn the table, and conveniently mis-read/forget those pesky duties

One thang they did to subs at our school (teachers get 2 planning periods) is assign the sub extra classes (during the reg teacher's planning) Smart subs kept a low profile and left campus during any/all breaks

I learned FAST.. when they got on the Squawk Box for ALL teachers w/ a Period One planning to report to the office ASAP

That meant, somebody was late, or worse, not coming.. and there is NO Reimbursement when you do that either

OFTEN.. way OFTEN.. we could not get enuf subs.. which meant that each "team of 4-5 teachers" had to ASS U ME the extra kids... and you KNOW how successful that is... 1/4 of a math class and a whole English (alleged English) class.. or whatever... IfyougetwhatI'msayinghere

We non-union states put up w/ A LOT of extras at no compensation

I cant imagine subbing.. It HAS to be hard.. I was recently at a Rotary Club luncheon (The better half was the keynote speaker) and they were honoring Teachers Of the Years (TOY)...from SOB (South of the Broad.. our county is large.. South of the Broad River.. and NOB..)

Anyhoo, I have bored you long enuf... and w/ this ADD ramble, I hope you got my message... Lay (lie) Low.. and don't put up w/ that BS!


PS... I am retired too (31 yrs.. and I guess I retired from editing comments like these too!Apologies for the typos, etc

Anonymous said...

If you're going to quote my comments from another board, I'd appreciate credit for my comments.

Thanks. :o)

KauaiMark said...


Sorry about that. I thought I had it covered with the link back to the actual thread in the ProTeacher site..