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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Left Behinders Day 1 …

I was asked last month to take this four day, 4th/5th combo class assignment this week while the teacher and all the 5th graders are at Science Camp.

The combo classes at this school are reserved for the high end students who can work independently at or above grade level. It’s considered a privilege to be selected for any combo class at this school.

So this week while all the 5th grader half is away, I’m left with the remaining sixteen, “cream of the crop”, 4th graders… and one 5th grade LB (Left Behinder) from another class.

I could tell right away LB wasn’t happy about the situation being stuck in this “younger” class. His teacher’s lesson plan for the week was: “He’s to do all the same work as the 4th graders”

I couldn’t tell if the half completed work and lackluster participation in class today was the result of not being able to keep up with the high-group 4th graders or the general resentment of being the only 5th grader in school left behind.

Seeking a clue as to what I might be in for the rest of the week, I lightly broached the subject privately by asking him if he had something like allergys that didn’t allowed him to go with the rest of the class.

LB: My mom had a “bad feeling” about the trip and wouldn’t sign the permission paper to let me go.

Me: Wow. Does she have these “bad feelings” often?

LB: Yea. She has them all the time. My brother and I don’t get to do much.

Me: I bet that’s hard.

LB: Yep…

When I asked the office staff person about LB’s situation, she told me that “Mom” is very controlling, WAY too attached to her boys and a general PITA when she doesn’t get her way at the school.

Poor kid…

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Anonymous said...

I had a Mom like that. She made sure I never went on a single field trip. I can guarantee my kids go on every one!