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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Turkey Anatomy Search …

It’s still Christmas break for at least another week so I have time to check the statistics to see a sample of how the internet community finds their way to my blog.

So greetings to all you culinary aficionados from such far flung places as:

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Nordrhein-westfalen, Bochum, Germany
  • Hessen, Darmstadt, Germany
  • Maribor, Slovenia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Delhi, India
  • Kenya

I hope that using the Google search engine for the key words: “turkey boobs” enabled you to cook and enjoy a traditional American Thanksgiving holiday meal.

If that’s not what you were looking for…sorry weirdo!


Fred said...

Maybe he lived in Istanbul and was looking for his friends?

Happy New Year!

The MAN Fan Club said...

And I was worried that a parent from my school would stumble upon my blog site. Truly able to reach around the world.

rattln along said...

you have been linked on my blog!