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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Half Day Assignments…

This is a slow week for subbing. I had a half day in 5th grade Monday and another half day Tuesday in 1st grade.

I’m usually not real fond of 1/2 day assignments but if I have a choice, I prefer the afternoon half of a 1/2 day assignment. It’s usually shorter because the kid’s lunch time is part of that half day. Since you don’t have to be there until 11:30 or so, you can sleep late and not rush breakfast.

If you compute the pay by the hourly rate you are actually in the afternoon class, then it’s the highest paid job for substitutes (per hour) in this area.

The rate (a little more than ½ the regular day rate) divided by the actual hours in the classroom (around 2.5h) works out to be about $25/hr. Slightly less if you do the morning half class.

Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary in the district you work…


Paul Petersen said...

I avoid the half days as well, at the end of the month a few of these can really hurt the bottom line. Figuring the rate per hour of the afternoon assignments does soften the blow a bit though. I never thought of it that way, although especially in elementary schools that is a real benefit. On the other hand, aren’t the kids sometimes a bit more rowdy in the afternoons?

Zoemonster said...

i\I wrote a blawg once where I calculated I got a dime a kid a class.

No joke

I )many times) wanted to tape a quarter to the paper, send a runt or two.. w/ a scribbled not.."They Just aint worth it. Keep the change." Mizz L