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Monday, September 11, 2006

Headache Epidemic…


They were only two years old when the terrorist attack on 9/11 occurred. So while these second graders were silent for the office announced moment of silence for “the events of 9/11”, they didn’t know what they were being silent for.

I know because I asked if they knew why they were having a “moment of silence”. They didn’t. I didn’t see the need to elaborate before we began our planned day. Innocence is hard to keep and should last as long as possible.

Today’s most popular personal question: “Are you married?”

Today’s most frequent request: “Can I get a drink of water?”

Today’s most frequent complaint: “Can I go to the office? I have a headache!”

It has been my vast experience (of almost two whole years) that the first complaint is usually warranted. The next three complaints for the same ailment are usually copycats.

So I wasn’t surprised that after one girl returned from the health office with a cold sponge in a plastic bag for her headache that I was approached by two more girls.

ConArtist#1: I have a headache and she has a “MyGain”. Can we go to the office?

Me: You both have headaches? How unusual. So how do you know she has a “MyGain”?

ConArtist#2: Because mine really, really hurts.

Me: Do you REALLY have headaches? How about waiting until recess time and then go to the health office?

These two poker faced Pollyanna’s couldn’t be dissuaded. They both insisted that “it really, really, reallllly hurts” and that they couldn’t wait until recess. So off they went to get their prized chilled colored sponges in plastic bags for their “headaches”.

On today of all days, I’ll let it go. It’s worth the apology I offered to the health clerk at the end of the day. She graciously let me off the hook with: “That’s ok. It happens a lot at their age during the first weeks of school”.


Anonymous said...

My favorite personal question is, "How old are you?" Granted, I don't really look my age, but I think the class that asked to see my drivers went a little too far.

Also, Blogger won't let me sign in to post on your site. Grrr...
-Magpie Chick

Anonymous said...

Wow, it must be the age! I subbed a 2nd grade class last week and had a lot of "injuries." One girl had a paper clip with a little bleeding, so I sent her to the office, mainly because I didn't know where the band-aids were. Later, a girl's ear "hurt." I sent her to the office as well. The third girl's eye hurt because she was rubbing it (she said). So I said, "Don't rub it anymore, and go rinse it in the sink." The funniest part of the day was signing out in the office and glancing over to see the "ear injury" girl lying on a cot. I had forgotten all about her and didn't tell the teacher she was there (I was only subbing half-day).