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Friday, September 08, 2006

Fridian Slip!…

The worst part of subbing, for me anyway, is the early morning assignment call. I’m sleeping peacefully and the phone rings at 07:30am.

I HATE that. I know it is part of the job. I know I’d have to get up that early anyway if I had a pre-scheduled assignment for today, but I still don’t like early morning wakeup calls.

I’m fumbling for my Daytimer appointment book at the same time trying to come fully awake to write down the assignment information.

School name…got it! That’s the one WAY out on the far end of the district!
Teacher name…got it! Don’t know her.
Grade 6…got it! Second least favored grade right behind Kindergarten..
Time…got it! I gotta be there in 30 minutes


I didn’t confirm and get the assignment number. They ALWAYS drill you that you don’t hang up until you get that assignment number. Without it, you aren’t assigned and the system will go on to the next sub in the list.

I call back only to get the automated system telling me there are no assignments available. The system has already dialed the next guy/gal on the list.

Oh, well! Someone else will handle it. Back to sleep till 09:00am.

Did I really want that Friday job after all? Freudian slip on Friday?

I guess that could be called a Fridian slip…

1 comment:

Fred said...

I hope you enjoyed your rest. Another sixth grade class will be here before you know it.