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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Human Sign...

I always wondered about that guy on the corner.

What qualifications should you list on the resume' ? The pay is better than I thought it would be but I'm not sure if I have enough "enthuasium" for the job.

CraigsList part time employment ad for:

Human Sign
"...Have some fun and make some money on weekends downtown San Jose off of Julian and second street! We need dependable young men or women to direct potential buyers in to our new home development by using "enthuasium" and personality while displaying our signs. Hardworking people only need apply. " $15 per hour 11-4 on Sat/Sun.

But I might be feeling more
"enthuasium" for this one:

New Chocolate Store Hiring
"A chocolate connoisseur/lover a plus..."


Fred said...

The Human Signs make $15 an hour here, too, and The Missus is making $8 working her part-time job. She's thinking about changing jobs.

Mister Teacher said...

I've seen those guys standing on the corner holding the signs, and they usually aren't too excited about it. I would think that qualifications would be more like, "Good circulatory system -- able to stand on your feet for hours at a time."