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Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Day I Discovered Electricity...

Over on Fred’s World, he posted about his "Life's Most Embarrassing Moments...".

I even contributed my account of when I had my old VW bug a long time ago. I had a flash thought: "I don't know how many turns lock to lock the steering is. Let's see!"...momentarily forgetting that I was driving 15mph down a residential street at the time.

Fortunately I survived…

This reminded me that not all the important learning occurs in the classroom. If you can survive all the extra curricular life experience learning to reach a certain age, you might be able write about it and hopefully spare others the possibility of avoiding similar “embarrassing moments”.

Now for the dumb things involving electricity. I’m pretty sure this is a “guy thing” but I could be wrong.

A few of us guys were sitting around talking about “nothing” when the topic veered toward the topic of stupid things we did involving electricity. Amazingly we all had a memory our first “shocking” discovery of electricity.

My first “real” discovery of electricity was when I was old enough to know better. I distinctly remember doing some boring homework in my bedroom while fiddling with a chain of paper clips.

Now I’m not sure what the actual thought process was so I don’t remember anything like “possible consequences” coming to mind when I stuck the ends of the paper clip chain into the wall outlet to see if it would glow like a light bulb or something equally stupid.

My next conscious thought, while looking at the blackened plastic outlet cover and my black stained thumbnails holding paper clip shrapnel shards, was not “Wasn’t very smart, was it?” it was more “My parents are gonna KILL me if they find out!”

Fortunately I survived…

But the best story of the group, though, had us choking with laughter. It involved one of those lantern sized batteries for starting model airplanes, some wired alligator clips and his newly installed dental braces. I can still picture his description of “dancing” while trying to disconnect the dangling 2lb battery from his mouth.

Fortunately he survived…

So if I was asked to offer anyone some sage advice, it might be this:
“Consider the possible consequences before acting and you just might survive”

Want to tell your “discovery of electricity” story?
The comments section is open.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

...which is why I switched from being a substitute teacher to full-time teaching. Unless you are independently wealthy, I don't know how anyone can survive on subbing--especially only 79 days a year. Get a credential and get into the classroom. You have a passion for kids. Don't deprive them of your passion.

Fred said...

Ditto what CTG said.

I can honestly say I can't remember an electricity story. I'm sure it's in my brain somewhere; I just can't locate it right now.