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Friday, November 04, 2005

Two Blutos and a Popeye! …


If you could just pick and choose the students you want, then maybe 6th grade students might be tolerable.

I’m a pretty easy going guy with kids, but three boys in this class seemed determined to see how far they could push me before I cracked. Two big Bluto types and a skinny Popeye character continually tried to disrupt the class during the last part of the day.

The Mr. HOMEWORK thing kept the class on target for the first half of the day. But these three boys decided, evidentially, that after only the letter “H” was earned for the first half of the day, the possibility of the extra essay assignment was out of reach for the remainder of the day. As a result, these three characters earned “OMEWOR” during the last hour of class.

They seemed to relish the power they had over the rest of the class in determining the fate of the rest of the class in earning the extra essay assignment.

That was until, after earning “R”, I announced that, as “Mr. Homework”, I can and do sometimes reserve the right to change the rules on who might and might not be included in the extra assignment.

With that, I simply added the names of “Bluto1, Bluto2” and “Popeye” to my special hit list and announced that the extra essay will be assigned to these three and anyone else that I felt needed the extra attention.

That muted my “special guys” for the rest of the day and brightened the mood of the rest of the kids in class.

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