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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Well it’s Tuesday night and no assignments yet this week.
No school Thursday or Friday, so tomorrow is it or nothing for the week.

I took my book and had lunch at the local McLibrary. You can’t beat the dollar menu for a cheap lunch.

While there, two young “Moms” and their kids were occupying the booth in front of mine when I overheard the following exchange:

Mom1: “Oh, yea! We’re totally into wine, now.”
Mom2: “Really? What kind?”
Mom1: “Bottled!”

Neither mom laughed, so I don’t think she was kidding!

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Fred said...

A couple of districts around me have Aesop substitute scheduling, which is really great because I have worked 4 days each week (except for this week, we're off wed, thurs, fri) and have never received a call in the morning of the day of. You can limit the times when you can receive calls or choose not to receive calls at all.