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Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Injection...

I’m a nervous dental patient. I’m sure I’m not in a minority in this respect.

I don’t like the dentist. Well actually, I LIKE the dentist herself but I hate the dental experience.

I don’t like the drilling, the sharp instruments, the smells, the drilling sounds and I especially don’t like the needles. Curiously enough the pain doesn’t bother me so much because most of the time there isn’t any.

I have been known to pass out getting any kind of injections so getting it in the mouth is the worst torture for me. I would make a really chicken terrorist because if I got caught, the sight of a needle during interrogation would trigger voluntary information overload.

My dentist knows all this and tries her best to get done quick and efficiently with a minimum of discomfort. My worst fear is that a first injection won’t work and I’ll have to get a second or even a third before she can work on me.

So today, as she finished the injection and before it started to take effect, a construction crew arrived outside the door of the Dr’s office started jack hammering the walkway!

My dentist is pissed! They told her they’d wait till after 02:00pm after her last appt before they started work. She instructs the office secretary to go out and have them stop and come back later. They ignore her.

She told me if the noise bothered me I could come back for another appt.

I already got the injection! I WASN’T going to volunteer to go away and come back for another one. I told her to keep going.

She’s just about ready to drill when the jackhammer triggers the burglar alarm siren in the office next door!

The dentist is now trying to call the physician’s office, his cell phone, his house to get him to come down and turn the alarm off. There is no answer at any of the numbers.

The dentist is double pissed now. She wants action. She wants names. She’s gonna write letters. She again offers me a reschedule.

I don’t want another shot in the mouth so tell her: “No, Do It!”

So for the rest of my dental appointment I endure the brain piercing whine of the dentist drill, the shrieking sonic sounds of the burglar alarm mixed with the pounding beat of jack hammers on concrete.

I don’t want another injection.

1 comment:

H0kie Erin said...

Two words:

Sedation dentist.

One little pill and you wake up when its over...sounds good to me. ;) I hear you on the dentist...scary!