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Monday, April 25, 2005

ADD/ADHD and NeuroFeedback ...

We had a good friend visit this afternoon and the topic of ADD/ADHD came up in reference to one of her kids.

She told us that a NeuroFeedback clinic in the state where she lives was able to clinically test her son and could measure her son’s brain development as related to his ADD diagnosis.

More importantly, she said her son after treatments is now testing almost to the normal levels using NeuroFeedback instead of medication. She said she has received comments from his teachers about the improvement in class and class work.

So maybe there is something here. Since I hadn’t heard of this form of treatment before and I now have a real first hand account of its effectiveness, I thought I’d pass it on for others (teachers and parents) to investigate.

Here are some online links to start with:

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