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Friday, February 04, 2005

Wise Ass Syndrome (WAS)...

I thought I was gonna get the day off today, but a call at 09:00am for a 4th grade class came in. Seems the sub assigned to replace the teacher today got sick in class and couldn’t continue. So today, I’m the 3rd stringer coming in off the bench.

Lot’s of boys in this class and about four of them I could do without.

In addition to the four clowns, there was a boy that I found out later was said to be diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (HAF). He was actually one of the better behaved kids.

Since I hadn’t heard of this before, I got on the internet after class and found this description:

Looking for a clue about the other four, I didn’t find anything listed under “Wise Ass Syndrome” (WAS).


Sub007 said...

If you ever find a cure, by all means let me know!

I love the blog. Glad to find a fellow sub who posts about his assignments!

Sub007 said...

I meant to say "a cure for WAS." I wasn't trying to make light of Aspergers Syndrome.