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Monday, November 22, 2004

Nine Little Birds on a Wire….

Every once in a while something surprising happens and you just have to applaud. That’s what happened in this Kindergarten class today.

The teacher left me some notes on a few songs on CD the kids like to hear during their class. The kids were getting a little restless during an “art” project so I queued up the songs she had indicated and went back to the “teachers chair” in front of the class.

Some of the kids sang along with the first song and the “fidgets” settled somewhat. The second song had about half the class singing along with the tune while coloring nicely.

The surprise was at the start of the third song about something dealing with “nine little birds on a wire”. One of the littlest girls got up and announced in a loud voice, “Come on girls let’s go!”

I thought they were about to make a break for the door or something.

Instead, six or seven of the little girls all lined up in front of me and began singing and line dancing to the song. They were so small but all arms, legs and hands were all in sync to this very energetic hula like performance. Toward the end, even some of the boys joined in.

I was so surprised and they were so cute, I had to applaud at the end. I was tempted to play the song again just to see it one more time.

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