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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Kindergarten Week

Well this week seems to be ALL Kindergarten. Monday and today in two different districts and got a call for Friday at the country club school for a half day.

With Thursday a holiday, that only leaves tomorrow a mystery as of tonight.

Kids art for me tends more toward the abstract (i.e. let the kids' draw what they want) where as “real” Kindergarten teachers tend more toward the traditional.

If the teachers plan calls for “draw a picture of the student of the week”, I tell’em have at it!! If their student portraits look like green globs of Swiss cheese on toothpicks, who am I to judge? I’m no art critic! I can’t even draw a crooked line!

The “real” Kindergarten teachers, on the other hand, are very “hands on” in their control of art technique.

“Draw an oval for the head, and then add eyes”. “No Billy, the eyes aren’t even. Start over, please”, Tarique, the hair isn’t supposed to be orange. Change it to brown, please”. “No, No, Allie, the trees are supposed to have leaves, go do it right”

What happened to free expression? No self-respecting “painter” would allow this suppression of artist freedom!!!

At least that’s the way our city fathers justified their expenditure of $500,000 for a supposed sculpture of the Aztec Snake God “Queztalcoatl”. It’s constructed of what looks like three huge blobs of black concrete stacked one on top of the other. The locals have nicknamed it the “pile of dinosaur poop” which is exactly what it looks like.

I found this link for your review: Quetzy

I vote to have a real Kindergarten teacher on the art approval commission for any future acquisitions by our fair city!!!!

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