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Saturday, September 25, 2004

I got called to a late Thurs morning assignment in the south county school district to sub for a grade 1-2 combo class. Nineteen kids and no aid to help out.

Best I can say is that I survived.

Some of these kids are MUCH larger (physically) than the kindergarten kids. Two of the bruisers in this class must have topped 100lbs each. Of course, these were the kids that gave me the most problems too.

I also had a kid with the spiderman underwear. The only reason I knew was that he was so skinny, his pants kept falling down at recess.

The girls seems to give the most cooperation and attention. The boys on the other hand, quickly learned they could push the limits when they thought I wasn't looking.

I had a moment of panic after recess when only 15 kids lined up to go back to class. I LOST 4 KIDS?

Of course 2 of them were the "bruiser brothers". I mentioned this to another teacher and she said not to worry that "..They will eventually show up".

I can see my defense attorney arguing at the trial now. "But judge, the other teacher said it was 'ok' to lose a few kids at school......."

They did eventually show up, thankfully and I did finish the day without losing anymore.

(This day was so stressful, that I turned down a Kindergarten assignment for Friday so I could recover.)

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