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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Sick Days?...

I don't usually check the details of my monthly pay check from the school district much beyond the number of days worked to make sure it's correct.

So I was a bit surprised to notice an entry in a column that has historically been blank since I started working as a substitute teacher. The column labeled "Sick Leave Balance" was no longer blank! Evidently a new California law went into effect starting July/2015. My job classification now requires the school district to pay for sick days.

How it is calculated, that still a bit of a mystery but as far as I can tell it looks like 1day/month of the school year....maybe.


Unknown said...

How exactly do you use the sick pay days?
I'm a sub in California and I heard about it, but I don't understand how we use it, since we're on-call employees

KauaiMark said...

In my district all I had to do is go into the district office and fill out a form that stated I'm using a sick day for an assignment I cancelled.

I don't know if that would work if I hadn't already been scheduled to work and just decided I needed the day off.


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