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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scam Almost Worked...

(Not related to school)
I got a call this afternoon from my nephew saying he was in Mexico on vacation and ran into a little problem.

I know, I know...this already sounds like a scam but the caller DID sound like my nephew and he has vacationed in Mexico several times before.

He said he was driving when the police pulled him over, tested him for alcohol and found an open bottle in the car. With my nephews past history, it was highly conceivable.

He said his lawyer, Kevin Williams from the U.S. consultant, had plea-bargained the offence down to a fine of $1980. Of course he didn't have that much and was calling to see if I would send the money Western Union or he would be jailed. He promised to pay me back when he got back to the U.S.

If he couldn't pay the fine by 04:00pm today, he'd have to spend the night in a Mexican jail cell.

Of course, my B.S. meter was pegging the max but this person's client DID sound like my nephew. I got as far as going to the bank, getting the money but on the way back home, I thought that maybe a night in a Mexican jail cell might do him some good.

It was then I started an internet search for the lawyer's name at the American consulate...and found nothing. I did find a few interlinks for "Mexicanjail scam" and things started to click.

I didn't send the money.

I called my brother to see if he knew where our nephew currently was. He didn't and was sure this sounded like a typical scam. My brother called later with a report that our nephew was currently at home, in California, watching TV with his wife.

"Mr. Williams" called later to see when I was going to send the money....


Mister Teacher said...

And? How did THAT conversation go??

KauaiMark said...

My two word reply and he hung up.