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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Magic Trash

It's about 15min before dismissal. Everything on the lesson plan is complete. The kids are packed up and begging to leave early.

It's the perfect time to play "Magic Trash".

"There is a single piece of trash on the floor that I have identified. It can be big, medium, small or even as tiny as a single staple. If you are the one to pick it up and place it in the trash can, the game is over and you win the prize."

"Ready, set GO!"

I have to be careful to move around the room and not to stare in a particular direction because the crafty kids will stand next to me to see where I'm looking. If somebody does find it early before the dismissal bell, I still win with a mostly cleaned up classroom.

If it's still on the floor when the bell rings, I then walk over, pick up the bit of "winning trash" to demonstrate that there really was something to find and let them loose.


TeachinIdaho said...

I teach 1st grade and the highlight of the day is when I say....human vacuums! They treasure the crazy act of crawling around on the floor to find the trash and pick it up. They come and hold it up to me like they found some sort of amazing treasures!! :) Wish we had some great subs like you!

diane answers said...

great game! Debra Cashman has a great idea, too.