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Monday, February 18, 2013

Shorted Paycheck...

Subbing is the only job I have had where I had to check each and every paycheck for accuracy.

It shouldn't be that hard as we aren't paid "by the hour", we don't punch a time clock, we don't get overtime or vacation pay. We get paid the same daily rate per assignment worked.

In the early years, the daily assignment lists were manually transcribed from each school to the district office in the form of login sheets to for processing. Most of the time, the paycheck was correct. Unless you documented every assignment number and date, you had little chance of proving they shorted your paycheck.

The districts I worked for never erred on "over payment".

Starting a few years ago, one of the advertized benefits of going from the "manual" substitute assignment process to the SmartFinder automated system, was accurate accounting. Since the switchover three years ago, I detected no errors in my paycheck...until last Friday.

My Day-Timer log said they missed paying me for one half-day assignment. The SmartFinder online "assignment review" page for last month indicated the same thing.

That can mean only one thing.

The assignment computer is not passing data directly to the district payroll computers. There must be a "person" transcribing and counting assignments days in the middle of the payroll process.

So much for advertised accuracy.

(Heading down to the district office tomorrow...)


Kelli and Jonnie said...

I had two wrong paychecks last semester. I was working as a long-term sub, so I was earning more but my two paychecks didn't reflect it. Finally the third paycheck I received had the correct and the money I was owed.

Mr. C said...

One of the districts that I work in messes up my pay on a regular basis.
I wrote a post about one of the issues here