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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown, Connecticut

As I left for school yesterday morning, I heard only a short report of a possible shooting at a school in Connecticut before I left. I didn't really hear anything more until I returned home to find Claudette sobbing and watching the news reports of the murder of twenty kids and six adults in the small town of Newton, Conn.

On her laptop was a list of names and ages of the victims. It was then she explained that all the kids were the same age as three of our grandkids and she couldn't help bear the thought of the pain and loss those parents and grandparents must be going through when they were informed.

"That could have been Paige, Elle and Nathan...."

 (It's too close to think about even as I write this)

It was then she realized and said, "...and YOU were at school today TOO!"

...I hadn't even thought about that.

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