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Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's official - School Year 2012-13

The new school year started last week and I was able to pick up a half day in a 3rd grade classroom on Monday and a two day, 5th grade assignment for Thursday and Friday.  

The two days with the 5th graders was just average. Constant requests to "watch a movie" (not on the lesson plan) and requests for when they get P.E. (also not on the lesson plan). The best part of this assignment was the Hawaiian shortbread cookies and chilled Diet Pepsi the teacher left for me (That was on the lesson plan!).

I needed the caffeine.

The 28 newly minted 3rd graders on the other hand, couldn't have been more fun. One boy surprised me with his problem solving math skills.

The worksheet question was: How many teddy bears are there in the picture?

While all the other kids started counting, he called out "13" without apparently counting. I asked how he came up with the correct answer so quickly.

"It's easy! There are three rows of four bears and one extra. Three times four is twelve and one extra makes 13"

I not sure at what grade they start teaching multiplication facts, but I'm pretty sure this kid is ahead of the curve.

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Karen Greenberg said...

I'll have to remember the cookies and soda for when I'm gone for two days in October/ November. I love great ideas to keep any visitors in my classroom happy!