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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You Know The School Year Is Over When…

I was able to pick up the afternoon half of 6th a grade assignment yesterday. The room was empty when I arrived which means the class is out for P.E. or already at lunch. 

There was no lesson plan for the afternoon on the teacher’s desk, so I went searching the lunch room/yard for the teacher. She was out back monitoring her class playing volleyball.

She gave me a copy of the lesson plan for the rest of the day and indicated that individual students will conduct and teach all the lessons. All they needed me for was “monitoring” until the end of day bell.

Today’s lessons:
·      Crochet
·      Magic Card tricks
·      Volleyball Serves

On the list were “classes” for the rest of the week also:
Gin Rummy
Paint Ball
Henna Design

Baseball Pitching
Basketball History
Making Cupcakes
Iris Folding
Drawing Cartoons
Cake Pops (?)

At lunch in casual conversation, I mentioned some of the “creative” lessons for the day.

One of the teachers indicated that all the testing and grades were complete for the year.  All the textbooks have been returned to the library. So, while there are still twelve days of “school” left, there was actually nothing left to do…


Alex T. Valencic said...

This makes me weep. Why, oh why, would they turn in textbooks and stop teaching more than two weeks before the end of school?!

Mr. C said...

A couple years ago I subbed for an 8th grade teacher on the very last day of school.
As with most classes, anywhere, the lesson plans were on the desk. In this case, there was a sticky note on the front page. When I started reading the lessons, I skipped the sticky note, figuring that it was probably an amendment, or something and that I could come back to it.
She was a math teacher, and the day pretty much consisted of "collect all text books, then pass out review sheets/math puzzles."
When I went back to read read the sticky note it said, "Forget everything in these notes. Just collect the books and do whatever. If it's nice, play kickball outside or something. You get have a kid borrow a ball from the teacher next door."
After a few class periods playing kickball, I discovered that the teacher was being let go at the end of the year because of budget cutbacks.

Education Early Years UK said...

This makes me wistful. I can just imagine being a kid again, enjoying the last few days of school and getting all excited for summer.

Anonymous said...

I'm a substitute teacher. I enjoy reading your blogs. Your blogs were exactly what I had been looking for online. I wanted to see what others go through when they go out and substitute. Some of my days are similiar to your days subbing. Some days are very interesting. I sub for mostly middle and high school. Thank you.
Please keep writing those blogs.

Bob Veres said...

Wow! definitely worthy of the post's title.

Caitlin N. said...

This sounds awesome and like it might be the most valuable thing these kids have done all year. This is what education should be; teachers are definitely not the only keepers of knowledge!