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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grey Fox?

Awoke this morning to see this little fellow in our back yard. We live almost on the south/east outskirts of San Jose, Calif but certainly not considered IN the country.

We HAVE seen lots of possums, raccoons, deer, turkeys, ducks and wild geese. We can hear the coyotes in the hills at night behind us and have even seen a few out while walking in the hills, but I've never seen a fox in the 30yrs we've lived here.

I think it's a grey fox. Can anyone confirm? Pretty animal...


Anonymous said...

Cute fellow.

PamelaTrounstine said...

You bet! We've seen several grey foxes in/near Henry Coe, generally in the morning, instead of the coyotes that have been known to trot around in the afternoon/night. Have you got a pretty native garden? He looks very at home.

KauaiMark said...'s "native" in that we don't do much with it.