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Friday, February 03, 2012

Double Subbed…

I was a bit puzzled when I logged onto the substitute assignment system last night to discover a job offering for today as I already had an assignment for Friday afternoon. I had assumed that the computerized system wouldn’t allow double assignment bookings for the same day.

After yesterday’s fiasco, I checked to see if my previous assignment listing for Friday was still active. It was!

It was then I noted that new assignment was a half day MORNING assignment for BAND at the middle school.

If I took this new morning assignment, I would have about 50mins travel time between schools. That was more than enough time since the two schools were less than two miles from each other. This was the first time I’ve been able to bookend two half day assignments for the same day

It made for an interesting experience. Imagine eighty-two middle school band kids followed by nine elementary SpecEd students in one day!

It WAS a day of contrasts!


Super Sub said...

This is what I call a "Sybil Day". I get to have multiple personalities all day long. Sometimes it's as easy as going across the hall to another room or somewhere else in the building. Other times I have to drive a short distance to another school. I only do elementary so it's not that big of a change but it does make you start to wonder if you are coming or going some days.

Mr. C said...

A while back I accepted an afternoon half day in a middle school. The morning of the job I got a call from the elementary of the same district (right across the street), and they needed a half day in the morning.

I worked from about 8:45am-11:30am in the elementary, and from about noon-2pm in the middle school; it would have been until 3, but the teacher had prep at the end of the day.

This is the only school I work at that will pay by the hour, and both the elementary and middle school rounded up my hours, so I ended up getting paid for 8 hour, rather than the usual 6.

KauaiMark said...

Mr. C

Here they pay $120 for a full day and $65 for a half, so I came out with a $10 bonus for the day.


Mr. C said...

That is a definite win. I also wish now that I was working in your area. Most of the schools here pay $60 for a full day. The school mentioned above pays $10/hour.

KauaiMark said...

You might want to check the cost of living before moving here.

List of what $1 worth of stuff will cost you:
#23 Boston, MA $1.175
#24 Washington, DC-VA-MD-WV $1.181
#25 LA, CA $1.222
#26 SF -Oakland, CA $1.258
#27 New York, NY-NJ-PA $1.281
#28 San Jose, CA $1.343

I live in #28


Anonymous said...

That is interesting. I am currently studying to become a teacher and had no idea that the substitute would not just stay at the school the whole day...I guess I just never thought about it. I was just wondering if you would perfer subbing to having the same teaching assignment everyday and if you enjoy the challenges of subbing more. Thanks a lot!