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Friday, January 13, 2012

What’s Worse Than An Early Morning Assignment Call?

…Answer: It’s the early morning cancellation call as my wife will attest.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to rely on the last minute, 05:30am phone calls for substitute teaching assignments to add to a paycheck.

After several years experience, I have managed to assemble a modest network of teachers and school secretaries that I rely upon for pre-assigning my teaching assignments in non-layoff years.

Since before the beginning of this New Year, I had already pre-assigned classes scheduled for about half the school days of January and even a few more lined up for February through April.

I was startled, then to be awakened at 05:30am only to be informed that I wouldn’t be working today. After all, this assignment was arranged back in mid-December and only canceled sometime after midnight. I know because it was still in the assignment queue when I checked the computer just before I went to bed at 11:30pm

So, now it’s 05:30 in the morning and my paranoia won’t let me get back to sleep wondering what I must have done wrong yesterday.

You see, today’s class was the second half of a two day assignment. I had met with the teacher in class yesterday morning before she left. We went over the lesson plans and she verified that I was scheduled for next day also. No pre-warning that she might need to cancel, which would have been ok.

I guess you never know why some things happen the way they do.


Boffa said...

That's never happened to me before. Depending on the school district, sometimes I'll show up, then the secretary will move me to another classroom.

Super Sub said...

I've had those prearranged dates cancelled like that. (not at 5:30am) The job got cancelled because the meeting the teacher was going to was cancelled. One meeting got cancelled because the speaker couldn't make it.

I'm sure it was some problem with the teacher's scheduled event and not you. Who wouln't want YOU!?♥