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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tangled...and the winner is:

Winner update:
Congratulations Lisa of Columbus, OH! She is the winner of the DVD combo pack of the Disney movie "Tangled"
(Winning selection was made using the latest online random number technology available and verified by a real church secretary to guarantee an unbiased result.)

In a shameless attempt to drive traffic to the blog and promote the DVD release of the Disney movie "Tangled",  the promotions people have offered me some freebie giveaways. One of which is a DVD of the movie.

To enter for a chance in the random drawing, email with your name and return email address to:  (One entry per person, please)

The cutoff date for contest entries will be midnight March/31 . Winner will be posted here (First name only) on or about April 2

Promoters update(s):
3/24: "...winner's DVD is being upgraded to a BLU-RAY COMBO PACK!!"
3/24: "...if people take pictures of themselves doing the Tangled talents  (Rapunzel hair, cooking, lanterns, etc), we'd love to see them forwarded to us..."  (If there are any, I'll forward them on...)

Entries submitted to date: 20  (odds are good!)


Karen Greenberg said...

I sent you an email. Thanks for the giveaway!

GT Goddess said...

I entered! (Crossing fingers, 'cause that movie was adorable!)