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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Books or Movies?

What do kids willingly read in school? The Harry Potter books were the top contender a couple years back before the shift toward vampires and werewolf tales. I don’t know if the movies enticed the kids to read books or whether the books made the movies blockbuster hits with kids.

One other book I have frequently seen in the classroom since I started substitute teaching six years ago is titled “Flipped”. It’s a story about a young boy who moves into a new neighborhood and meets a local girl. The book alternates between parallel story lines of the two main characters as they get to know each other in a he-said she-said style.

Will the book make a good movie? Check it out…

1 comment:

chrissyrudd said...

It looks like a good movie, and seems to keep the main lesson of the book, but part of the fun of the book was getting the story from each person, the two perspectives from the same events. Great book, I would go see the movie because of the book.