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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Said – No!

Automated calling systems for substitute teachers are supposed to benefit both parties. The school doesn’t have to rely on an actual person to make dozens of phone calls each day in the attempt to fill positions. The automated computers will tirelessly dial until every assignment is booked.

Substitute teachers, on the other hand, aren’t expected to do much. Some subs only respond when called while others continuously query online or by phone looking for available jobs.

The ONLY thing that the district requires of a substitute teacher is to notify the system for any “period of unavailability”. This requirement supposedly saves time by not offering positions to someone who has already stated is not taking assignments for the day, a partial week or more. It’s a sensible requirement.

Why then, after I’ve listed an advanced three day absence, does the system STILL call offering jobs late into the night (two within 5min of each other) and, more irritatingly, at 05:35am the following morning?

Does the system not understand: “No! I’m not available”? I now have to assume that entering an unavailable date is just a “suggestion” to the system in that I might have changed my mind at the last minute without telling them.

After the first early wake up call, I turned the ringer off for the next two days.

1 comment:

GT Goddess said...

That's odd, I've never had that problem with SmartFind. Maybe check with the powers that be to make sure you are doing it right??