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Monday, September 27, 2010

Foot (Feet?) Loose...

Just a fun video. How many movies can you name?


The Bus Driver said...

Here is a partial list of those i came up with -

Dirty Dancing
American Pie
Jay and Silent Bob
Mary Poppins
Moulin Rouge
Billy Elliot
Happy Feet
Save the Last Dance
Step Up
Singing in the Rain
Austin Powers
Highschool Musical

These are ones i have question marks next to cuz i'm not entirely sure -

Breakfast Club
Jets (scene where they take sides - dont know the name of the movie)
Julie and Julia (havent seen this movie, but noticed one of the actresses)

Super Sub said...

Don't forget

Saturday Night Fever
White Knights
and Flash Dance.

Super Sub said...

Saw a few more...

Pulp Fiction
True Lies
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Mama Mia
Coyote Ugly
Get Smart (Steve Carrell)
Knight's Tale

There are still a bunch more I've never seen or don't know the name of.