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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nonsensical Nickname Nominations…

Well, school is out until the first week in January. I managed to get four days subbing in for the whole month of December.

In my personal quest to curtail the tattling issue when school resumes, I need your help. Trying to play “Judge Judy” to determine who called who “booger brain” or said a “bad” word first is a losing proposition for all parties concerned. Having the offenders say “sorry” and shake hands just doesn’t do it for me.

Last May I gave two incensed little boys (it seems to be ALWAYS boys for some reason) my own nicknames they could call each other and sent them on their way.

Last update I received from “Ear Wax” was that he was still friends with “Nose Hair”. I haven’t been back to Toe Jam & Arm Pit’s school to see if it had the same success there.

It occurred to me that if this method of “bickering resolution” continues to be successful, I’m going to run out of pre-thought out nicknames to use. I suppose I can mix and match from my current list but I thought I’d solicit some additional candidates from my reading audience.

Remember, these are 6-11yr old boys but in case I have a situation with girls, lets keep it clean and gender neutral. Use the comments section for your “nonsensical nickname nomination” and I’ll append it to the list if I think I can use it.

My List So Far: (red ones are my favorite reader picks so far)
  • Nose Hair & Ear Wax
  • Toe Jam & Arm Pit
  • Chin Strap & Knee Cap (has a nice rhyme to it)
  • Elbow and Ear lobe (Thanks Ricochet!)
  • Toe Nail & Nose Bone (Thanks Mrs_Dem)

(…totally unacceptable submissions will be deleted. Let’s keep it clean)


Ricochet said...

Elbow and Ear lobe

Louise De Masi said...

How about:
Ankle and Heel bone
Mouth wash and Gargle
Tip toe and Toe nail

KauaiMark said...

I like the sound of "Toe nail"
Thanks Mrs_Dem!

Vagabond Teacher said...

I also got four days of subbing in December. If a seasoned sub such as yourself worked so little, I don't feel too bad. It's my first year subbing and I've been struck down twice in two months by terrible colds...just wanted to say I'm enjoying your blog!

Love the names...add "Captain" and a last name, and you've got pirate names!

Unknown said...

Snozzberry and Captain Cheesey

Sniggles and Ditzer

whositwhatsis and whatchamacallit

Theresa Milstein said...

I also blog about subbing. The disputes are constant, especially among the littler ones. I haven't tried your method, but here's an exchange I had in Spanish with five-year-olds yesterday:

One child told me, “He said a potty word.”
“What word did he say?”
“He said, ‘Santa sponge.’” As I mentioned in a previous post, these children rarely identify a proper potty word. I wanted to point that out, along with the fact that those were actually two words.
“Are you Santa’s representative?” I asked.
“Unless you’re Santa’s rep, I wouldn’t be worried about that. I’m sure Santa isn’t offended."
Dispute resolved.

Surfie said...

This reminds me of that Orbit gum commercial. (Dirty mouth? Clean it up!) There are two women fighting over a man, and they're all shouting at each other with silly words. I particulary liked the name-calling "Lint Licker".

Sladed said...

Toe stubber
Eye goober
Slobber chops

chris laird said...

Finger Face
Toe Monkey
Nose Boy
Leg Man