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Thursday, August 06, 2009

City Council Meetings Are Boring?

Could be the basis for a new reality show? I'd watch!

As one commenter on the video says:
"...i live in Santa Cruz...City Council meetings are NEVER boring! I always watch them on tv just because of kooks like this"

P.S. I live about 40mins from Santa Cruz and it has always had a "colorful" reputation. Maybe she should not have smoked some of the farmers crop before speaking at the city council..."


Dr Pezz said...

She sat in the 2nd row of my 4th period class last year. :)

KauaiMark said...

You mean there's more than one out there?

(I assume you meant someone like her but not this actual person...)

Dr Pezz said...

No, not the actual person. Ha!

I had a student who sounded just like her. :)