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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Water Park Field Trip…

Part of the motivation in writing this blog is to answer the question: “What’s it like being a substitute teacher?” Sometimes, it’s not actually teaching anything!

I worked on Monday to stay at school with the “left behinders” from two of the 4th grade classes. I had approximately twenty-five kids, while the rest of the 4th grade classes went on a field trip to the local water park for the day.

Status: Minimal inconsequential busy work. Boring day!

Yesterday, I subbed for the teacher of a 4th grade class from a different school on their field trip to the same water park. We walked to the park from the school and back with about 200 kids and six teachers. We didn’t get back until two hours after school let out.

Status: Longer workday. I sat in the shade reading a book, while the park personnel performed one lifeguard rescue, one vomit victim cleanup for our group. Relaxing day!

Next time I’m taking the swimsuit and getting wet.


Sladed said...

Wow! 2 HOURS after school let out? Did you get overtime or something? I've never heard of that before.

KauaiMark said...

No overtime, we get paid flat rate Per Diem only....(insert sad face here)