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Friday, February 06, 2009

Odd Subbing Assignment…

I wasn’t quite sure what I was agreeing to after Tuesday night's call from a 4th grade teacher.

“…Tomorrow is our “Walking Wednesday Lunch”. If you are available and willing, you would take my place walking the class to the park for lunch tomorrow.”

This sounded interesting so I agreed to sub for her class the next day.

“…Be sure to bring your lunch to eat there! There won’t be any lesson plan because I’ll do the classroom instruction.”

Sure enough, with bag lunch in hand I checked into the office and found the teacher in the staff lounge.

“…I’m just getting over this bad cold and yesterdays walk out to the car after school exhausted me. I knew I couldn’t make the walk to the park today and I didn’t want to disappoint the kids. Thanks for coming and helping out.”

So my job Wednesday was to just help out in the classroom doing one-on-one help with the math problems and anything else she directed me to do. About 10:30am, we assembled all four of the classes and the other three 4th grade teachers on the blacktop before beginning the trek through the neighborhood streets to the park about 1.5 miles away.

We had lunch, the kids played in the park a couple hours and we got back to the school with about 20 minutes before the dismissal bell.

A very easy, non-stressful day but by the time I got to my car that afternoon, I was exhausted!

I need to get in better shape!!…


Angela Watson said...

Wait, I'm confused. Standardized testing is just weeks away and the entire fourth grade spends HOURS playing in the park? I don't get it... Is this a regular occurrence? And if so, in what universe?

Unknown said...

Sounds like a nice day! I just spent 2 days at a high school where "Resource Room" means "Study Hall" and the periods were 105 minutes - SO boring!!

Anonymous said...

It's exhausting playing at the park isn't it? Want to get in some practice with the grandkids? :)

KauaiMark said...

As some readers might have surmised, Jene' is my daughter and "Mom" to two of my grandkids.