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Friday, October 31, 2008

Come in Early?

What do you say to a teacher who asks you to come in and sub a "half day" (ie: half pay) for her class but wants you to come in earlier than the half day assignment time because she's afraid she'll miss her vacation flight out?

"After all it's only an extra 15 mins..."

I'm thinking, What balls! At the pay rate subs get, you expect me to take a 50% cut in pay for the day AND work illegally without being paid because "after all it's only an extra 15mins".

But rather than suggest something rude, I told her that the district dictates the times and pay rate rules. I, instead, suggested that she might want to take the whole day off so she wouldn't have to worry about her flight.

She has decided to get one of her cohorts at the school cover her class for 15-20 minutes before I get there.

While I DO sometimes arrive at school 10-20 minutes early, I'll will be there exactly on time for this one.

Nov, 6 Update:

She called back and decided to take the whole day off after all.
That's more like it...


Sladed said...

For me I suppose it would depend on the teacher. If I had a working relationship with her/him and she used me periodically, I would gladly go in a little early. I don't mind helping someone in need and if it leads to more jobs, so much the better. On the other hand, if I barely know her/him I certainly wouldn't do it unless the class was well behaved and I hoped she/he would call me in the future. Your response to her was accurate and professional.

KauaiMark said...


No ongoing working relationship. I worked for this teacher exactly once...last year.