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Monday, May 05, 2008

Real STAR Students!...

Last Friday I was at the same school, same grade level, but in a different 6th class…and a world of difference. These guys did their work, didn’t act up and made for an easy day.

Just for fun. See how long it takes you to complete the following worksheet:
(Click to enlarge)

All done? Did you double check your work? I hope so because there is one final question. Don't cheat and click until your work is done.

(Click the comments for it...)


KauaiMark said...

Where did you put the other four students?

See the instructions at the top: Twelve desks, sixteen students.

To fess up, I didn’t catch it either. I awarded one of the girls in class for actually reading the instructions and pointing it out.

Fred said...

I completely missed it.

Anonymous said...

Those were the four kids with behavior problems that I sent to the office!