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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Barking Seal...

My last couple of weeks so far:

Monday: Sick, constant cough

Tuesday: Sick, louder more frequent constant cough

Wednesday: Sick, barking seal cough, yellow phlegm

Thursday: Sick, barking seal cough, bloody yellow phlegm

Friday: Sick, no improvement, no sleep

Sat: "Called the doctor and the doctor said: No more monkeys..." (Delirious)

Sun: Sick but improving, barking seal cough pretty much only at night.

Monday: Got RX from the Dr.
Hi-Test cough syrup w/cocaine (codeine? eh! toe-may-toe/ taa-maa-toe)

Tuesday: sleep, barking seal, sleep, barking seal, sleep...

?? What day is it now ??


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Wednesday. And I hope you feel better.

Mr. W said...

be careful it's not pneumonia. My wife's friend got a cough, went to the doctors and said it was a cough don't worry.

Two days later she coughed up some blood. Went to the emergency room, diagnosed with pneumonia and a staph infection.

Put her into an induced coma to let her body heal. Her body didn't respond and started to "shut down". She passed away 2 days later.

So from the intial cough until her death was less than a week.

She was 31 great shape, left behind a husband, and 2 little girls (5 & 3).