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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How Y2K (partially) caused "Global Warming"...

A series of four video presentations on YouTube by a geologist that makes sense to me. He says we should be worrying more about a coming global cooling period instead of warming.

Each video is about 10min each so you might want to view it off hours.

Interestingly, the last video brings up a small bit about how Y2K contributed to faulty data sets being used in climate models to predict global warming "science".
Thanks to Darren at ROTLC for the link to Professor Carter's presentation.

(I haven't viewed Gore's movie that I checked out of the public library yet. I try to get to it after I catch up on my TIVO'ed "Ugly Betty" shows)

1 comment:

Zoemonster said...

speaking of you tube.. have you seen the one of Gizmo the cat flushing the toilet (i got wind of it on boob tube yesterday.. and went to take a look.. along w/ about 3 mill others

I posted a rather sad.. but true.. locally made (intro) to a vid made here.. now an 8 mill lawsuit.. (Corridor of Shame)

If you have a chance, google it or drop by.. I u/l it mebbe a week ago..

enjoy yr blawg,, as always