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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

End of Year Lesson Plans …

Substitute teaching the last couple weeks involves less and less actual book work. Instead we have lots more busy worksheets, videos and extended unstructured PE…another word for recess for almost two hours.

This last week we also have:

  • Square dancing (4th graders)
  • Seat moving day (5th graders)…WHY with just two weeks left?
  • Timed Sudoku for prizes (6th graders)
  • We have movies, lots and lots of movies


NYC Educator said...

Ah, the time-honored sit down and show 'em a movie. Out in the trailers we can't do that as far as I know. But that's only as far as I know.

I like to show films mostly after I've forced kids to read a novel. It's a nice break for all of us, cause those goshdarn novels are a lot of work for ESL students.

If I'm really motivated, I trade rooms with someone in the building.

Law and Order Teacher said...

It is a struggle to get students to concentrate on anything at this time of the year. I have spent the last three days reviewing for the coming exams. The students attention span was short to say the least. The exams have begun. Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin. Two more days!