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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Everyone’s talking about it so it isn’t really news but today something happened that’s never happened before. For the first time in thirty years our thermostat inside the house displayed a “9” in the left most digit.

Our house doesn’t have air conditioning (also known as “refrigeration” in some parts of the US) In the thirty years we’ve lived here, we’ve never had a reason to have it.

Until today...

We’re only 45mi over the mountain from the Pacific Ocean. San Jose usually has less than a dozen days a year that gets even near the triple digit range and fewer that actually reach it. Even on those days, we’ve managed to stay relatively cool by opening all the windows at night to trap the night coolness until just after dawn when we button down the hatches to coast the rest of the day. We’ve never reached much more than 85F inside.

Until today...

These last few days we’ve not only been getting to triple digit weather, we’ve been getting RECORD HIGH triple digits.

Last night I sat out on the back deck in swim shorts until well after midnight attempting to cool off. This morning I woke at 05:30 to take a cold shower, returned to bed only to repeat the cold shower at 08:00

With the windows open all night and four fans moving air, we accomplished reducing the inside temperature to only 82F. Usual for our summer would be about 68F.

Until today...

As the day progressed, a friend of mine with a high tech computerized weather station would call and give me outside temperature updates as the day progressed.

His gleeful call from inside his refrigerated house late this afternoon announced a daily high of 106.7F.

As I stood there in the kitchen with the phone to my ear, stripped to nothing but a pair of shorts, breathing a slow shallow breath, a drop of sweat dropped off the tip of my elbow.

That did it. I’m done!

I went and changed into the swim shorts from last night and went out the back door directly into the pool.

Hell! Who needs A/C!


The MAN Fan Club said...

Sounds like you need to go to the movie theatre for the day.

Hot here, but when it can reach 100 more than 30 days each summer, what should I expect. A day in the 90's is a good thing.

Fred said...

Well, at least you have the pool. Let's just hope the power stays on.