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Thursday, December 08, 2005



I had a great class today. I had thirty-two sixth graders. I also had three girls from fifth grade that didn’t make this week’s 5th graders trip to Walden West Science Camp.

Anyway, what’s better than a good lesson plan? TWO lesson plans!

The teacher not only left a complete, detailed and word processed lesson plan but left me TWO copies! I found one on the teacher’s desk at the back of the room and one on the overhead projector in the front of the classroom. I had NO excuses for not finding one this time.

The worksheets were all organized and in order. The teachers’ edition books were all open to the pages I’d need and in the order to be used. The kids were great and we didn’t have any problems.

I would occasionally walk over to the 5th graders table to inquire “And how’re my 5th grade girls doing over here? Keeping busy?”

They would shrug shoulders and give non-committal answers, but they seemed to be working quietly so I mostly let them be.

At the end of the day as the three 5th graders were leaving the classroom, I remarked. “I hope you girls didn’t have too boring of a day today."

It was then that the cute, dark eye lashed, Indian kid with long dark hair that was pulled up in a top knot and bunched under a white doily like covering informed me: “I’m not a girl…”


Now I feel like a total idiot. I apologized but after ALL day mistaking him for a girl, I’m sure it wasn’t enough. Sheesshh!

But to be fair, it’s just that I’m ignorant about some things…

(I tried to search the web for the proper term for the white doily hat, but can’t find the proper term for it. If I do, I’ll update this post with a photo example)


The MAN Fan Club said...

I too switched careers. I was in sales: insurance and auto for 7 years and then married a girl who was in college getting a teacher degree. When we moved to Dallas in 96 I gave Jeep sales a try and failed. I then substitute taught for one semester. My first assignment was teaching Spanish. YIKES. I loved teaching and enrolled in an alternative program. Taught Special Ed 98-2004 and this year I am teaching 4th grade Science and LOVE IT!

I am always sensitive to my sub when I make plans. Easy to follow and plenty to do.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Also, we had a 4th grade girl who dressed like a boy and I had a hard time not thinking about "PAT" from Saturday Night Live. One of my behavior students says, "Why do you look like a boy?" FINALLY she started wearing ear rings to help separate a little.

I could see a sub calling her a HIM all the time.

Fred said...

It happens. I covered for a teacher last year and thought a girl was a boy. Talk about embarrassing!

KauaiMark said...

Head covering update from: Blogger SINVILLE...

"I believe the head covering is called a Patka."