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Monday, January 10, 2005

Wakey, Wakey! Time To Start A New Day!….

The one thing about this job that I really hate is the early morning call.

I’m not talking about a luxurious 6:30am wakeup call.

It was this morning's jarring call at 05:30am that shattered my sleepy time and had me fumbling for the phone to hear about an assignment for this morning’s class of bi-lingual third graders that started at 08:10am.

I take down the information about the school and class location and try, without success, to get another hour of sleep before getting up at a half way decent hour.

After returning home from class, I found out that the other school district, that pays a little better, attempted to call me twice that morning after I had already gone. One automated call and once personally by the office manager looking for someone to fill an assignment.

I’m beginning to suspect that the REALLY early morning call by the first district is a tactic similar to a preemptive strike to snag all available needed subs before the other districts can start filling their jobs.

It’s only a matter of time before the “losing districts” catch on and re-trigger their sub line to start calling EVEN EARLIER.

Will I even hear the phone ringing at 03:30am?

I hope not…….

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