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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Where’s the Common Sense (Bi-Partisan Rant)?...

No subbing assignments since last weeks winter break so there’s plenty of time to visit the funny pages, and I don’t mean the comics, in the local paper.

From today's MurkyNews: High Hopes For Tech Agenda

“..Republicans and Democrats are competing furiously to be the party of U.S. global competitiveness, and Silicon Valley's high-tech industry couldn't be happier…”

“…President Bush proposed his own 10-year, $136 billion American Competitiveness Initiative'' last month to respond to the economic challenge from India and China. With both parties practically tripping over themselves to back legislation to increase federal basic research funding, extend a research tax credit for high-tech companies and improve math and science education…”

"...But Democrats were quick to respond. They criticized Republicans for not including increased broadband access, patent reform and more visas for high-skilled foreign workers in their competitiveness agenda..."

Haven’t these clowns (BOTH Democrat and Republican politicians) figured out that our “competitiveness” isn’t due to the lack of skill in science and math, but the willingness and ability of foreign workers to do the job for less? This is simply supply and demand economics on a global scale.

Even if $136 billion somehow successfully churned out an ample supply of eager math and science wiz kids, would they be employable if the global going rate for their services is only $25K a year?

Why don’t we just put the entire country up for bid on eBay and be done with it.

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